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Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy
Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

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Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy

Not just for athletes

The soft tissue techniques used in sports massage are useful in a wide range of settings, including the following:

  • Relieving muscle tension, eg, in the tight shoulders and lower back of a desk-bound office worker

  • Providing pre- or post-event massage for an athlete wishing to optimise performance and recovery

  • Helping a gym goer who has picked up a niggling muscle injury

  • Releasing muscle spasms or relieving pain caused by active trigger points

  • Speeding recovery from acute joint injury, such as a sprained ankle, or chronic conditions such as ‘tennis elbow’

  • Reducing stress levels and helping with emotional balance


Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

Helping you be the best version of yourself

As part of the massage service, you will be offered some general lifestyle advice, but I am also available for more comprehensive consultation if required.

As well as a BSc in Exercise Physiolgy and an MSc in Sports Nutrition, I have a passion for helping people achieve their exercise and health goals. I have worked with a wide range of clients, including Olympic and Commonwealth boxers, through to individuals wanting to change their weight. I have also worked on a government-led scheme helping overweight children and their families to make suitable food choices.

I understand that lifestyle and nutrition advice needs to fit your individual needs, and that despite the wealth of information freely available these days, sometimes it's hard to know how to apply all of this to yourself.

I look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself.

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Appointments & Fees

Massage Fees

  • £25 for 30 minutes

  • £35 for 45 minutes*

*Additional charges apply for travel >8 miles from PO21

Appointment Times

I am available for 30 or 45 minute* appointments on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekday evenings after 6pm can also be arranged.

*Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes for your initial consultation.


I am based in North Bersted and can provide appointments, in privacy, at my home.

Alternatively, I can travel to your home or place of training.*

Nutrition/Lifestyle Consultations

P.O.A. - depending on the depth of nutritional analysis or type of lifestyle advice require

(typically £45 for nutrition analysis).


About Johanna

A life-long outdoor sports enthusiast, but also a long-time carrier of the symptoms of degenerative cartilage in multiple joints, I have always been interested in the human body and its reactions, physical and emotional, to physical therapy and massage. In a family where my father, both of my sisters and I all had bad backs from teenage years, massage has had a significant role in my life. I have first-hand understanding of getting locked into a cycle of pain/loss of mobility that can profoundly impact your physical and emotional wellbeing, but, happily, have also experienced how massage can help you through this.

After gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master of Science degree in Sports Nutrition, I have worked as both a physiologist and nutritionist for athletes (Amateur Boxing Association of England) and in commercial research settings (Unilever Research). I’ve also spent a large part of my life sitting at a desk writing about pharmaceuticals, and I know that no matter how much advice you may receive to 'get up and walk about every hour', it's just never realistic in a busy job. I am definitely the (not proud) owner of 'office shoulders' most days!

I received a distinction in my ITEC Sports Massage diploma and am really pleased to use my skills to help anyone who needs help to get back mobility, recover from injury or relieve the muscle tensions of every day life.

My life has been full of many sporty activities, in particular running, hiking, yoga, biking, surfing, pole fit, various types of dance, rock climbing, swimming, weight training, scuba diving, horse riding and gymnastics. I am consistently utterly useless at all ball and racket sports.

I'm always pleased to learn about the demands of any new sport to ensure you get the best treatment and advice.

I hold instructor qualifications in both Exercise To Music and weight training (BAWLA).



For more information about what services I offer, or to book an appointment, you can email, phone or complete the form below.

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